Our Services


Ampion’s integrated consulting services, engineering skills, and technology solutions reduce the need and complexity of having multiple vendors. Our three areas of specialisation deliver a holistic and strategic approach:

  • Assure the quality of your enterprise and digital application platforms 
  • Secure your digital assets, applications, and technology platforms
  • Transform your digital engineering capabilities, agile processes, quality engineering practices, CX/UX outcomes, and data analytics insight

Software assurance you can rely on

In today’s digital world, you need speed and quality to deliver successful application and software projects.

We use industry-leading tools, emerging cloud technologies, and agile practices to help your organisation deliver engaging, fit-for-purpose, and highly usable software – every single time. Our focus on automation accelerates deployment and delivers exceptional outcomes that get testing done to save time and costs. 

It’s why we are the partner of choice of some of Australia’s most leading organisations for their managed services or the total outsourcing of their enterprise testing requirements.


Enterprise & Managed Testing Services

Ampion can assist your organisation to meet even the most complex testing requirements. Our Enterprise and Managed Testing Services deliver cost-effective testing by leveraging our onsite, onshore, and offshore delivery capabilities.

Our expertise in large scale programs spans across business-critical enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce through to your customer-facing digital applications on the web, mobile and cloud.

Services include:

-  Test maturity assessments & test process improvement

-  Testing transformation

-  Test methodology consulting & advisory services

-  Test management & governance

-  Implementing Test Management Office (TMO) & Test Center of Excellence (TCoE)

-  Testing training & capability uplift

-  Test tool evaluation, advice, procurement & support

-  Functional testing (component, integration, business process, regression)

-  Independent solution acceptance testing

-  Data migration testing

-  Mobility testing

-  Usability testing & accessibility testing


Ampion can help you accelerate your speed to market with our automation services, agile practices, and DevOps techniques to further streamline your software testing and delivery processes.

Our automation specialists offer experience and expertise across MicroFocus UFT (formerly QTP), BPT, Mobile Center, Experitest, SeeTest, Appium, LeanFT, Selenium, SoapUI, Applitools, Puppeteer, Cypress, Cucumber, Tricentis Tosca and TestComplete.

Services include:

-  Test automation consulting - assessment, strategy, architecture & uplift

-  Test automation engineering & automated regression testing

-  Intelligent, component & contract test automation

-  TDD, BDD, ATDD strategies, coaching & uplift

-  TestOps consulting; CI/CD automation

-  Synthetic transactions

-  Mobile & device test automation

-  Automated data management, provisioning & virtualisation

-  Automated business process visualisation & dashboards

-  Automated environment builds

-  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - assessment, strategy & delivery

-  Cloud agnostic automation strategies

Performance Engineering

Ampion delivers you confidence in your systems to perform well at higher traffic levels. Working with your DevOps and operational teams, we focus on agile project delivery and integrated performance testing with solutions such as MicroFocus LoadRunner, Neotys NeoLoad, JMeter, Gatling, BlazeMeter, IBM Rational Performance Tester, AppDynamics, Dynatrace, New Relic, Splunk, and CAAPM.

We build performance test frameworks that can predict application scalability and capacity; testing new technologies together with legacy applications; and rapidly pinpointing stress, volume, and load testing issues.

Services include:

-  Performance governance

-  Performance risk assessment

-  Performance strategy, framework & standards

-  Load testing

-  Stress testing

-  Volume testing

-  Capacity planning & benchmarking

-  Infrastructure & cloud performance testing

-  Component & integration level performance testing

-  Integrating performance testing with CI/CD

-  Application performance monitoring

-  Performance tuning & optimisation

Digital & Crowdsourced Testing

Ampion works with you to deliver the best digital experience for your customers through your web, mobile and cloud apps. We are the only Australian company with the combined strengths of digital and crowd testing through our proprietary crowd platform Crowdsprint TM

We leverage sophisticated digital testing tools, automated techniques, and innovative approaches such as crowdsourced testing - which increases test coverage by two to four times at 2X to 4X faster speed to complete test cycles, and saving 25 to 50% costs.

Services include:

-  Functional exploratory testing

-  Functional test case execution

-  Cross browser testing & device compatibility testing

-  Pilot testing, alpha/beta testing

-  Prototype testing, localisation testing

-  Regression testing

-  Usability testing & user interface (UI) testing

-  Customer Experience (CX) analysis & User Experience (UX) research

-  End user testing, surveys & feedback

-  Design assessments & prototype evaluation

-  Comparison studies & usability benchmarking

-  Think-aloud videos (audio feedback with screen recording)



Protecting your assets, lowering your risk

With the increasing connectivity and data sharing of modern technology-led business, maximising the security and resilience of your organisation is critical.

We help our clients to understand and act on security risks and threats, and to protect stakeholders and assets, whilst meeting governance and compliance requirements.

It's why many of Australia’s largest and most complex organisations trust Ampion as a vital partner in operationalising security as a fundamental business operation.

Application Security

Ampion works alongside your teams to build systems that support change in shifting to new ways of working securely. We work with traditional through to modern DevOps applications and can scale security practices from one application to the whole enterprise.

The software development background of our AppSec team enables us to work beyond traditional security testing to deliver end-to-end solutions that span architecture and design, application security, and security testing and automation.

Services include:

-  CI/CD pipeline security

-  Security test automation

-  DevSecOps consulting

-  Static code analysis

-  Automated & manual secure code review

-  Secrets detection

-  Penetration testing

-  Software composition analysis

-  Static & Dynamic Application Security Testing (SAST, DAST)

-  Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST)

-  Container & serverless security

-  Runtime Application Security Protection (RASP)

Cyber security

Ampion will consult closely with you to deliver solutions that allow you to be more proactive in protecting your digital assets and reducing enterprise risk.

We integrate the technology, processes, and people that go into maximising technology investments and making your organisation more resilient to cyber-attacks. Working with you to keep pace of the changing landscape of cyber security, we minimise your exposure to risk through strategy consulting, security engineering, automation and ongoing platform management.

Services include:

-  Web, email & messaging security

-  Cloud, network & edge security (SASE, Zero Trust)

-  Endpoint & remote workforce protection

-  Identity & Privileged Access Management (IAM & PAM)

-  Vulnerability management

-  Security Orchestration & Automation (SOAR)

-  SIEM & SecOps consulting

-  Insider Threat & Behavioural Analytics (UEBA)

-  Managed security services

-  Critical infrastructure security (OT, IoT, SCADA)

-  Data protection, encryption & classification

-  Technology fit assessments  


Insight-led innovation

Organisations that are embedding a digital mindset across their entire structure are those best placed to achieve success in today's competitive marketplace.

We offer a suite of innovative and modern solutions that extend our portfolio of specialist services and bring an understanding of the bigger picture in delivering on your most complex digital ambitions.

That's why our passion for creating real points of difference in customer experience touchpoints is matched by demonstrated, working expertise.

Digital Engineering

Ampion can help you leverage the increasing amount of data your organisation generates as complexity continues to grow. Our holistic approach creates a digital workflow that makes information more accessible and in a way that will be embraced by all areas of your business to drive collaboration.

Our cross-industry expertise allows us to integrate data from enterprise systems, automate your software development pipelines, and manage application performance.

Services include:

-  Infrastructure & application (full stack) monitoring

-  Service intelligence

-  Continuous integration & delivery

-  Application configuration automation

-  Infrastructure as code development

-  Container orchestration

-  Serverless development

-  Self-service infrastructure

-  Multi-cloud management

-  Secrets management

-  API gateway architecture & implementation

-  Service mesh architecture & implementation

Data Analytics

Ampion can guide clients to make sense of their organisation's increasingly large volume of data and turn it into competitive value. We help you to tap into the right data and shape it into a more coherent view that unlocks actionable insights and informs smarter decisions.

Using techniques such as machine learning, data mining, predictive analytics, and deep learning, we design, build, integrate, and operate your analytics platforms for strategic advantage.

Services include:

-  Log analytics & correlation

-  Data model & code management framework

-  Data model monitoring framework

-  Data engineering for data science pipelines 

Quality Engineering & Delivery Efficiency

Ampion can improve the efficiency, quality and security of your technology and software development services to produce a more integrated approach to delivery.

Our team leverage data-driven decision making and help automate your digital landscape with quality and security at the core. We embed a modern application mindset that facilitates collaboration between release engineers and security teams, which leads to faster speed and automation and confidence that applications are as secure as possible.  

Services include:

-  Quality engineering & delivery maturity assessment & consulting

-  Delivery maturity & efficiency uplift

-  Transformation to continuous delivery & continuous deployment

-  DevOps consulting, coaching & maturity uplift

-  Engineering efficiency through TDD, BDD, DDD

-  Shift left automation, ATDD & performance

-  Mitigating the impact of change through business process visualisation

-  Quality-focused application development/product engineering

-  Application analytics, CI/CD telemetry & pipeline design

-  Automated release, change management & governance

-  Chaos engineering, GitOps & Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

-  Cloud delivery, app development/product engineering 

Project, Program & Portfolio Management

Ampion can help you meet the challenge of increasing customer experience expectations through smarter data planning across the organisation, from one single source of truth.

Aligning solutions to business goals and keeping projects on track and accountable reduces the time from ideation to delivery and realises a greater return on your investment. Our Portfolio Project Management (PPM) solution is an innovative tool for improving forecast accuracy, with enhanced data access and project status.

Services include:

-  Project & portfolio governance

-  Project planning & execution

-  Risk, issue & change management

-  PPM solution enhancement

-  Enterprise PPM & Agile software sales

-  PPM tool implementation

-  Integrations, upgrades & data migrations

-  System health check & assessment

-  Project cost & budget tracking

-  Resource planning & capacity management

-  Reporting & custom report development

-  Managed support & help desk support 

Experience Design (CX, UX)

Ampion supports clients to bring a customer-centric focus to their technology designs, strengthening your in-house human-centred design capabilities and elevating your creative thinking.

Experience design delivers technology that is easier and more enjoyable to use and ensures a product solves your customers' real problems. We help you discover genuine user requirements that deliver value-driven impact with customer research, global tooling frameworks and a collaborative approach.

Services include:

-  Expert assessments & feedback (CX/UX)

-  Customer journey analysis & mapping

-  Quantitative & qualitative research (customers & users)

-  Service design, codesign

-  CX/UX design

-  UI design

-  Requirements testing & prioritisation

-  Information architecture

-  Intercept surveys

-  Contextual enquiry

-  Tree testing & card sorting

-  Customer & user interviews, focus groups, user workshops