Joining forces to create new customer value

The business landscape has evolved in recent years, and in 2019, we recognised a market demand for a local, deeply specialised and scalable solutions provider. One that offered a new option, with a breadth of services across software assurance, technology security and digital transformation, and a depth of expertise to match. That gives you the confidence of delivery and reduces the hassle, complexity, and risk of managing numerous providers.

Welcome to Ampion. We bridge the gap between large global systems integrators and local boutique consultancies. 

Ampion unites 26 years of engineering excellence from award-winning technology service providers Revolution IT and Shelde. So, while our name might be new, our credentials come from a well-known and trusted heritage.

Read the Ampion launch media release here.

In a world full of possibility, innovation is the true marker of success

To meet the pace of today's digital marketplace, you need a trusted partner that has ingenuity at its core. Ampion was founded with a vision to help organisations transform faster, and more securely, in a way that delivers measurable outcomes.

With an expert, local team of more than 600 technology specialists, you can be assured Ampion has the experience, know-how and capacity to scale up your digital initiatives. We get results through customer-focused thinking and human-led solutions, built on the best technology.

At Ampion, we believe in the power of collaboration to build relationships and shift business to new levels. We invest the time to understand your challenges and deliver solutions to meet the needs of your organisation, not just today, but whatever you might face into the future.


OUR history

A history of continuous evolution

From humble beginnings to one of Australia’s largest specialist technology services provider, Ampion’s history is a testament to entrepreneurial leadership and an ability to adapt and thrive in changing business environments.

Revolution IT is founded - Melbourne

Revolution IT was founded when the company’s directors realised that Australia was lagging internationally on project delivery, quality assurance and governance around IT projects. Their vision was to start an IT business with the purpose of helping customers deliver successful projects while ensuring the software was high quality, secure, and reliable.

Revolution IT opens Sydney office

Revolution IT opens Brisbane office

Revolution IT acquires Qualtech International (Sydney-based software testing company) .

Revolution IT opens Canberra office

Revolution IT aquires Ascend Business Systems (Brisbane-based company).

Shelde is founded

The founders of Shelde realised that the burgeoning digital landscape was sorely lacking digital security. Their vision was to have an innovative and uncompromising approach to cyber security and other system threats quickly, and they quickly earned the trust of Australia’s largest organisations.

Shelde opens Sydney office

Shelde opens Canberra office

Revolution IT launches Crowdsprint and Chennai Delivery Centre

Revolution IT & Shelde partnership

Revolution IT and Shelde merge, to bring together their complementary service offerings.

Ampion is launched

With the company merger completed Revolution IT and Shelde become Ampion, bridging the gap between the large global systems integrators and local boutique consultancies.